4 Low-Cost Luxury Cruise Lines to Try on Your Next Vacation

It’s not hard to see why more and more people spend their holidays on a luxury cruise with custom-tailored service, incredible cabins, and no lack of fun and unique experiences.

In the last five years, the market for cruising has risen by more than 20 percent, according to the Cruise Industry Overview for 2018[1]. Even then, it may be out of control for certain individuals to pay for such a holiday. ABC News estimates that for only one user, you should expect to pay $400 to $900 a day for a cruise! [2]

Luckily, by learning how to select the best offers, there are options to pay much less on a luxurious liner. To find the right ones, you just need to know where and when to look. We’re presenting four low-cost luxury cruise lines to that end, which will take you on a lifetime journey without breaking the bank.

1. Regent of the Seas

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Regent of the Seas cruise, is guaranteed to be a luxurious one. This company provides one of the best experiences on a luxury cruise ship. All the staterooms and suites have an on-call concierge. Combined with free drinks, exquisite and tasty dining choices complete this offer and make it truly great. Best of all, with free day trips and other incentives, you can get up to $1000 off per person in two-for-one offers. This means that it is likely to get a five-night cruise for less than $2,000.

2. The Yachts of Seabourn

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If you’re looking for a luxury cruise, then look for exclusive discounts and Caribbean cruise offers that are up to 65 percent off at Seabourn Yachts. This luxurious cruise line also provides suit-shaped staterooms and they come with stocked bars, walk-in closets, and a private veranda where all the stunning views can be taken in. With gourmet meals cooked by world-class cooks, much better, in-suit dining is available.

3. Azamara

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While this enterprise is relatively new in the field of luxury cruises, thanks to the amazing experiences it delivers at an economical price, Azamara is fast becoming a customer favorite. You should expect to get a personal butler and renowned chefs who will craft each meal according to the highest expectations when you book a cruise with Azamara. There are numerous routes circling the globe, so you can conveniently book a 12-night cruise for as little as $1,500 per guest.

4. Oceania


One of the most luxurious premium cruise operators is called Oceania. They help you to tailor your onboard experience with opt-ins while delivering year-round offers and incentives to keep the overall price down. Passengers will dine at half a dozen different restaurants, take culinary lessons, and, among other things, lounge in wonderful suites. An on-call butler service, all-inclusive spa access, and priority reservations are perks that you can apply to your bundle.

Cheap Luxury Cruise Deals Are Not Hard to Find


If you ever considered going on a luxury cruise but couldn’t afford it, check out these companies. Via several different businesses, cruise offers and promotions are available around the world, but they’re still easy to find. What you need to do is do online research and keep updated to snatch the best deal.



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