About Us

The Change To Online Buying


Buying products online is always risky. Sometimes products can be overpriced, bad quality, and plain and simple scams. But not all products are like this. 


Since our start, our mission has been to help consumers. We focused on finding the best and most affordable products online. We decided to search for and test products advertised all around the web and present you with the best ones. We want to be the #1 place for you to check before buying online products.


How it all started

In the mid-2010s a group of friends from university joined together. We realized online sales have increased. With them, scam products have grown. After a couple of us bought expensive scam products. We decided to team up and try doing something about it. Six of us friends banded together and formed the online website SixReviews.com. 


In the beginning, the 6 of us scoured the internet and searched for products that people reviewed. After clumping all the data together we made an informed guess on how well the product will perform. We made recommendations for products based on this research. People started reading, buying, and liking it. The website grew and so did the team at SixReviews. Soon we started buying products online and reviewed the best ones.


The idea was simple. If you want some unique gadget that can be helpful, you would visit SixReviews. There you would find that product reviewed and proved that it was actually worth the money. Along the way, we learned a lot and improved in many aspects of reviewing and writing content. 


Luckily for us, this was a recipe for success. The website grew and so did the products reviewed and satisfied customers.  Business is booming and there is no sign of slowing down. 


It wouldn’t be possible without you

Our biggest thanks go to YOU, the reader. Without you guys actually reading and buying these products, we wouldn’t be doing this. Unlike some massive review websites, we don’t have big sponsors that would pay for the bills. We make our money through our views and you guys buying. This also incentivizes us to only recommend the best of the best. We can’t afford to lose loyal customers to bad products. 


Hopefully our relationship with you, our readers stays this good in the coming years. We can’t wait to show you all the awesome products and gadgets coming in 2021! 


Thanks again for stopping by SixReviews and interacting with our content


-SixReviews Team