5 Best Credit Cards to Fix Bad Credit in Sweden

Anyone in search of a new credit card with low credit knows how tough it can be to get one. While many people see credit cards as only a method of paying for multiple transactions, they are great for short-term loans protected by credit caps. A poor financial history can leave individuals at risk and make it harder for them to take out loans. You should still qualify for some credit cards, however, and if you have a bad credit score, work on improving and restoring your credit score. We’ll add some of Sweden’s most common credit cards for bad credit holders below and let you know which one is the right for you.

Marginalenbank Visa

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With this bank and account, Marginalenbank Visa cardholders can get two free months of service, along with a 25 percent discount on services and goods ordered online. In addition, consumers don’t have to pay the first yearly charge, and you can get 200 SEK back if you make five orders within 30 days. There are nine separate insurance plans available with the card on top of that.

While this card has a high withdrawal cost, it also has a generous margin and the possibility of paying multiple bills and moving money to other accounts. Your interest rate for a period of 12 months will be 16.90 percent for a 20,000 SEK credit, and the total interest rate will be 17.73 percent. Finally, you need to have no less than SEK 10,000 a month salary, be 20 years of age or older, and be working on a daily basis. [1]

Re:member flex

This credit card from Re:member flex provides up to 8 weeks of no interest and discounts through their Member Award scheme to over 300 online retailers. There is no monthly charge, and travel insurance is provided so that you can pay easily online and when driving for transactions. For an individual interest rate ranging from 9.74% and 24.74%, you can even break transfers. [2] Overall, the flex card of the Re:member is easy and reasonably versatile to use. You need a minimum monthly wage of SEK 8,333, actively working, and 20 years or older, to be qualified for this card.

Bank Norwegian Visa Credit Card

Many who are looking for a credit card to boost their credit score but still pay no commission or monthly withdrawal fees can look at Bank Norwegian’s Visa card. For any transaction with this card, there is an incentive (CashPoints) and it’s the best way to receive CashPoints in the Norwegian performance program, but they can only be purchased in the Norwegian travel store. In addition to CashPoints, for all other sales, up to 100,000 a year, there is a 4 percent discount on Norwegian airline low fare fares and a 0.5 percent cash register incentive. [3] Unfortunately, you’re unable to connect a second card to this account. Requirements are simple. No special requirements except being 23, employed, and a Swedish resident.

Komplett Bank MasterCard

The Komplett Bank credit card focuses on e-commerce, offering consumers anywhere from a 1% to 4% incentive on all orders. There is a 4 percent bonus for payments to, a 2 percent bonus for all internet payments, and a 1 percent bonus for everything else. Bear in mind that cash payments through third-party payment methods, such as Western Union and Swish, provide no incentives. It’s a shop that offers a wide range of items, ranging from electronics and laptops to sporting equipment if you’re not familiar with

Supreme Card Gold

You can find the Supreme Card Gold the perfect option if you want to buy, but not too much. For every penny exchanged, this credit card earns you points and provides a variety of hundreds of unique programs and items from the Supreme Point Store. For the former one, invoices are sent to your address each month and then you can determine if you want to break the payments or personally pay them. However, if you intend to pay off all unpaid loans right now, interest-free payments lasting up to 6 months can be canceled at any time. Finally, it is possible to attach the Supreme Card Gold to a MasterCard and it will operate everywhere worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to check around for a better deal if none of these credit cards are right for you, and there are plenty more cards available. But note that the easiest way to restore your credit score is by using one such card.


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