Fix a Bad Credit History in Japan With These 3 Cards!

Although no one chooses to get a poor credit score, life can sometimes be very complicated. However, since there are many credit cards you can apply for in Japan that will help you repair your poor financial past, there is no need for so much concern.

To that end, to help you get rid of poor credit and restore your ratings, we’re launching the three best Japanese credit cards. You will not have to pay an annual fee in most situations and will have a 0 percent APR on all transactions, in addition to having good limits and a range of benefits and discounts open to you.

Is Getting Another Credit Card to Fix Bad Credit a Smart or A Bad Idea?

Yeah, it is. Despite Japan being recognized as a cash-preferred culture, credit cards are becoming Japan’s most common payment form, with every adult now getting between 2 and 3 cards. [1] It’s true that you will need cash in convenience stores, shrines, castles, and temples in smaller cities, but in any larger Japanese city like Osaka or Tokyo, a credit card is a must, particularly if you need to do any online shopping. Other than that, the easiest way to boost your credit score is to make daily payments on your credit card.

Nicos VIASO MasterCard [2]


The Nicos VIASO MasterCard should be used among those in need of a credit card to meet basic, regular needs. This credit card is from Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd and has the best ratings since, with its insurance, it protects up to 2 million yen for shopping and 20 million yen for injuries overseas.

The most enticing part of this credit card for others is that you don’t have to pay an annual charge for only holding one. In comparison, this VIASO card gives you 5 daily points for every 1,000 yen spent and then transforms the points earned into a 1:1 mix. Many who properly apply for this card online will earn extra promotional rewards if they become a client. In general, thanks to impeccable customer care, incentives, quality, and availability, this card from Nicos VIASO MasterCard ranks great.

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card [3]


The Venture One Rewards credit card is a no-annual-fee card that, while offering you 1.25x for miles, also does not charge any international transaction fees, making it easily one of the most popular credit cards in Japan. For all sales, there is a 0 percent APR period in place for the first 12 months, and a variable APR between 13.74 percent and 23.47 percent later. That’s not it, of course, because this Capital One credit card has extra benefits. That is, by starting an account you get 20,000 bonus miles, which only requires you to spend $1,000 in the first 90 days.

Rakuten Card [4]


Convenience is what makes the Rakuten Card so popular because it can be used internationally, but it has quite a few other advantages as well. For example, during the first few years, you are not charged an annual membership fee, gaining points is easy, and the card is very durable and stable. In addition, for all new clients, there is a sign-up incentive worth 2,000 points, called bonus 1. A second bonus aptly called bonus 2, earns you a total of 5,000 points. After 20 months of card use, all points are received.

Once you discover that you can get a WiFi / Mobile Router rental with a 20 percent discount as a member of the club, the above-mentioned convenience of the Rakuten credit card comes into effect. In addition, the business lounge can be used free of charge for members flying overseas to Hawaii. Finally, as they reveal their card and save as much as 300 yen, passengers will even grab a baggage handling bonus.


As of today, if you have a poor credit score, these 3 credit cards are the cheapest ones to use in Japan. It doesn’t matter whether you need to use them at separate shops and restaurants for ATMs, internet orders, or in-person payments, because both of them would cover your needs. There are special privileges, rewards, and incentives for each card offered here, so it’s up to you to determine the one suits you best.

However, before actually signing up for a Japanese credit card, make sure to do some homework online as well. Doing so on your screen would make it much faster and clearer to search deals and weigh the pros and cons while keeping you well-informed.





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