Important Things To Note When Getting An Air Purifier in 2022

Air purifiers have never been this popular. If you believe your house or apartment is clean, think again. And if you waste hours cleaning every week when you are probably not doing as much as you think. When it comes to the air you breathe, you’re not doing anything really!   

EPA studies show that most households have poor air quality,[1] and that the outdoor air could be cleaner by as many as five times! Think about it you could breathe in a whole variety of dangerous chemicals or toxins any time you take a breath. [2] Figures show that there are 4.3 million indoor air pollution-related deaths, mainly attributed to illnesses involving the respiratory system. [3] 

Air Purifier

Fortunately, a simple solution to this issue is available. You should disinfect your air with an air purifier instead of breathing in the dirty air. These devices can function and eliminate different toxins, allergens, and pollutants from any space. If you want to buy such a device, don’t rush to make a choice right away. If you are looking for an air purifier, search about the most important things to look out for first.

1. What Type Do You Need?

Air purifiers can be entirely different and a number of versions are available. We suggest that you first find out the sort of air purifier that better fits your needs before you start searching for things. 

To do this, figure out which toxins in your home you have to clean from the air. Some purifiers do what others are unable to do so buying a device that can eliminate the greatest danger to your health is critical. 

An purifier can help with these:  

  • Dust 
  • Mold and bacteria 
  • Allergens found in the air 
  • Pet Hair/Feathers/Other  
  • Smoke and accompanying odors 
  • Multiple contaminants that cause asthma 

You’ll be one lot closer to choosing the right air purifier for your environment when you come up with a list of items that you want to be treated. Some systems would be better at particular items, while others will tackle more of the above-mentioned pollutants. Here are the four kinds of purifiers for air that you should take into account: 

HEPA Air Purifiers

[4] HEPA filtration is the strongest around according to HomeAirGuides. Some purifiers can get rid of toxic contaminants in the air with this technology and catch them in their advanced paper filters. 99.97% of small particles, such as fungi, mold spores, dust, hair, smoke, and pollen, are eliminated by HEPA-based air purifiers. [5] 

Ionic Air Purifiers

Although paper filters are used by HEPA purifiers, filter-free ones are used by Ionic ones. A charged ion layer that absorbs particles circulating in the air is spread by these devices. After that, the contaminants are dealt with quickly. Dust, mold spores, smoke, bacteria, and pollen may be neutralized by this form of unit. 

Carbon Air Purifiers

Activated charcoal, a fiber of remarkable absorption properties, is used by filters in carbon air purifiers. Bear in mind, however that chemical is not eliminated by these devices – they only consume items such as gases, unpleasant smells, and particles, rendering them a great elimination of smells.

UV Light Air Purifiers

Using UV radiation, these purifiers target airborne pollutants with ultraviolet light and essentially disinfect your living area air. For removing germs, microbes, UV air purifiers are better used. 

2. Find the Right Size

Air Purifier

You will think of what size you need to purchase once you know what you’d like to eliminate and what sort of air purifier to buy. Sizes differ greatly and it is likely that a system too small will not be appropriate at all. 

Check how much area they should cover (expressed in square footage) to decide the correct air purifier scale. 

3. Features That You Need And Use

End up thinking of the functionality that could come with your air purifiers. Although filtering air is the key task of a purifier, additional features may make a significant difference. We’ll detail some more typical characteristics that you get with air purifiers below:

  • Adjustable Filtering Option Controls
  • Programmable Timers
  • Air Quality Sensors
  • Pre-Filters for additional protection

Buying the Right One 

It is very important to pick the right air purifier, as you and others may realize. As every home is unique, not just any model will do it. Do get a device for your home that can filter out contaminants that are frequent in your area. 

To limit down your options, use this guide, but don’t overlook research online. To discover an air purifier that fits not only the needs, but your budget as well, compare various models, options, and features, and price.




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