Worst Places In The US To Retire!

Retirements are meant to be a payoff for a life spent working hard, but stress may be caused by the whole transition process. Above everything, the pension, mortgage settlement, and health insurance must be weighed, with the highest and most important decision being where you choose to live.  

Those who consider a place to spend their retirement years have to worry about the rates of crime, the cost of living, the standard of life they should experience, the local tax rates, and how close they can be to their families. With the sheer scale of the U.S. in mind, you can, thankfully, chose from several sites. 

If you need support, we’re here, but instead of supplying you with the most attractive areas, we’ll share the cities that you should avoid.

New York City

New York is a city which offers a lot, but before coming here, retirees should think long and hard. NYC happens to be among the most luxurious U.S. cities.   [1] Renting an apartment with two bedrooms, for example, will probably cost you $2,500 a month. Other than that, pollution impacts the city, and taxes are high. NYC is perfect for people who enjoy cycling, but thanks to severe blizzards and scorching summer heatwaves, the atmosphere might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indy 500 enthusiasts and blues and jazz bars and gigs are going to look at Indianapolis and think it’s a perfect place to live as a retiree. Unfortunately, that isn’t accurate. Indianapolis ranks 15th in the U.S. by population-level but suffers from very high rates of crime. [2] Worse yet there are few and far between services that could cater to seniors, while hospitals and clinics are subpar. And also the city is located in  Tornado Alley!


Detroit, Michigan

At first sight, Detroit is extremely cheap, but life here has many challenges. It is, for instance, rated amongst the most unsafe U.S. cities,[3] has a poor quality of life rating,[4] and since 2013, retirement benefits have been decreased due to city bankruptcy. [5] 

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a wonderful place to live if money is not a problem. But if you’re on social insurance or even a modest allowance,  you’ll be unable to afford rent.  The average price is basically $2,000 per month,  and not many seniors can afford that. [6] The weather in Seattle, apart from the high cost of living, can be very rainy and gloomy, particularly during the winter, and traffic is a major issue. 

Los Angeles, California

There is no doubt that the atmosphere and healthcare in LA are great, but the cost of living here is very high, with rentals costing some $2,000 for a single-bedroom apartment near the middle of the city. Droughts and wildfires are still a concern and over the past years over 1200 homes burned down! [7]

Little Rock, Arkansas

The high crime rates and inaccessible health services in Little Rock, Arkansas sadly can’t be overshadowed by amazing national parks and a low cost of living. Summers are hot but also humid here, bringing out mosquitoes, and every year you can predict a few dozen tornadoes. There were 34 in 2018. [8]


 Hawaii may look like an island paradise, but things like petrol prices are among the highest in America, everything is extremely costly here. Tourist crowding is also widespread, and volcanic smog[9] will hit and cover up the bright blue sky every now and then. 


Alaska sounds like a perfect place to retire but think twice before you move there. Fishing, wildlife, vast national parks are great, and yeah, there is no income tax here, but since many items have to be imported or flown in, it is very costly to live in. Ultimately, health insurance is so pricey that individuals often travel to Seattle to save money. [10] 

Jersey City, New Jersey

There will be many pensioners priced out of Jersey City, where the cost of living rises above the national average. [11] The quality of health care also relies heavily on your income and the bustle and urban sprawl does not help you maintain physical activity. 

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is the place of origin for rock, blues, and soul, but it’s not for the elderly. This iconic city is the fourth most dangerous city in the United States.[12] In addition, thunderstorms, floods, and tornadoes carry the volatile weather with them. Worst of all, with fewer hospitals and low federal funding, health care is awful. 


It is not easy to get everything ready for retirement. There are many things to take care of, but the most important one is choosing where you’re going to live. The place you believe provides peace of mind may end up being a nightmare. That’s why researching and choosing the best place for you is important.



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