15-Minute Exercises for Weightloss

Everyone knows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle necessitates regular exercise. Finding the time to work out, on the other hand, maybe more difficult than the workout itself. However, if you only have a quarter-hour to spare, we’ll show you 10 15-minute workouts that are both quick and effective.

1. Primal Blueprint

If you enjoy lifting weights, the Primal Blueprint workout [1] is for you. Two dumbbells, kettlebells, or water bottles are required. Cleans, squats, bent-over circles, and overhead presses are done in three circuit loops of six repetitions each. What’s the catch? Between cycles, you can’t lay the weights down.

2. Yoga Flow Workout


Follow these steps for a fast and effective yoga flow workout [2]:

  1.  Mountain pose.
  2.  Forward fold from Swan Dive.
  3.  The downward-facing dog from a step back.
  4.  Low push-up from a plank
  5.  Upward-facing dog by lifting your chest.
  6.  Downward-facing dog after raising hips.
  7.  Low lunge with one foot.
  8.  Forward fold.
  9.  Mountain pose.

3. Quick Cardio

This exercise could be repeated four times with each repetition halving the walking time.

  1.  One minute sprint.
  2.  One minute jogging or walking.
  3.  One minute incline sprint.
  4.  One minute walking or jogging.

4. Ballerina

You’ll need two 3-5 pound weights and a chair for this exercise, and you’ll perform two repetitions of the following:

  1.  50 squats (heels together, toes out – first position).
  2.  50 squats (heels wider, toes out – second position).
  3.  50 tricep kickbacks.
  4.  50 bicep curls.
  5.  50 overhead shoulder pulses.
  6.  25 x 2 back leg raises.
  7.  25 x 2 front leg raises

5. The Prison Workout

The name comes from the fact that this is a basic exercise that requires little equipment and little room. You have 15 minutes to complete the following circuit as many times as possible:

  1.  10 push-ups.
  2.  10 squats.
  3.  10 lunges per leg.
  4.  10 narrow push-ups.
  5.  10 jump squats

6. Exercise Ball


A core strength and balancing regimen using an exercise ball are effective. A set of dumbbells is also required. Rep the following steps three times:

  1.  Do 12-15 chest presses, dumbbell flies, and overhead tricep dips with your upper back on the ball.
  2.  Lie on the floor with your legs on the ball and do 12-15 hip raises and leg curls. 
  3.  Do 10 pushups and jackknifes with your feet on the ball.
  4.  Do 25 squats and sumo squats holding the ball over your head.

7. Leg Workout

Try this fast exercise twice in a row to build your legs in 15 minutes:

  1.  50 squats.
  2.  50 jump squats.
  3.  50 jumping lunges.
  4.  50 alternating forward lunges.

8. Tabata Cardio and Strength Training

Shot of a group of people doing a fitness class with medicine balls at a gym

Tabata is a routine that incorporates cardio with fast rests and several reps. [3] Tabata cardio with additional strength training elements pushes things a step further. Here is what you would do:

  1.  Warm-up: Do squats for one minute per set.
  2.  Workout: Do push-ups, dumbbell squats, deadlifts, and shoulder press. Two sets per minute.
  3.  Tabata: Do four sets each for 20 seconds of sprinting in place and squat thrusts. [3]




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