6 Must-Watch Movies for Valentine’s Day

Despite the fact that fewer and fewer Americans enjoy Valentine’s Day each year, according to Industry Insider, we still spend about $20 billion on presents. When you imagine a romantic dinner, presents, roses, and chocolates, it’s easy to see how pricey this holiday will be. But do you really need to pay that much money to have fun?

Instead, this year, we suggest snuggling up on the couch with your significant other and watching a movie. To that end, we’ve assembled a list of seven romantic film picks that vary from classics to more recent releases.

1. Before Sunrise


While blockbuster audiences may be unfamiliar with Richard Linklater, this critically acclaimed director hit it out of the park with his minimalistic thriller romantic film “Before Sunrise”. The plot revolves around two young people who meet on a train in Europe and plan to spend the day together while they fall in love. If you’re curious about what happened after the movie, there are two more films that will tell you the rest of the plot.

2. When Harry met Sally


If you’re looking for a classic Valentine’s Day film with broad appeal, look no further than “When Harry Met Sally”, which tells the story of two friends who become lovers. The film follows Harry and Sally, two people who meet after college and then drift in and out of each other’s lives for a few years. The fact that their relationship is both relatable and inspiring is what appeals to the majority of viewers.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall


“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, a 2008 comedy, is ideal for any Valentine’s Day spent at home. This film depicts the ups and downs of modern relationships in a hilarious way, which many of us are all too familiar with. Instead of using a vacation to Hawaii to get over his ex-girlfriend, Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) winds up at the same resort as his TV star ex.

4. Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain is one of the most recent films to be inducted into the United States National Film Registry for its cultural significance. [two] While spending a summer in the Wyoming Mountains in the early 1960s, two young sheepherders, Ennis and Jack, quickly realize they are incredibly attracted to one another. Because their families and communities do not accept their relationship, they suppress their emotions and only meet up occasionally to reminisce about their time on Brokeback Mountain.

5. The Notebook

The Notebook

The Notebook is a modern-day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. In this film, a wealthy heiress falls in love with a poor young man despite their families’ disapproval and fights to keep the relationship alive for decades. Despite being a fairly typical rom-com, The Notebook’s two leading characters have incredible chemistry, making it an excellent Valentine’s Day choice.

6. Love & Basketball

Love & Basketball

Monica and Qunicy, two people who grew up together and inevitably fell in love, are the stars of Love & Basketball. Both of them are aspiring professional basketball players, so the film depicts their relationship both on and off the court. The film is divided into four quarters, each representing a different period in their lives.



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