Preventing Hair Loss With These Techniques

When it comes to hair loss, multiple variables play a part. Some of us, however, regardless of hereditary genes or genetics, lose hair. Hair loss, even more so for women, can be very emotional. 40 percent of women suffer noticeable hair loss by the time they’re 40, which may cause a high emotional toll. [1] Judging by the figures, men are struck even harder. Data shows that by the time they turn thirty-five two-thirds of males suffer substantial hair loss. [2] 

It’s a huge hit to take on your self-esteem in all situations, but if you’ve found thinning your hair, or clumps in the sink, you should respond immediately. When it comes to getting your hair back, the ideas, medication suggestions, and shampoos provided in this article show amazing promise. 

What’s Behind Hair Loss?

The leading cause of hair loss is most commonly attributed to genetics. [3] Usually, those with genetic disorders will tend to see a change with thinning hair on top. Women appear to lose hair in the middle of their brow, while men lose it with the scalp in an “M” pattern. 

 Other causes of hair loss may appear.  Things like serious medical problems or side effects of medications can cause hair loss.   

The cause may also be treatments for acne, antidepressants, birth control pills, and epilepsy medicines, among others. [4] More than that, following an extremely painful or traumatic experience in their life, certain individuals may lose a lot of hair.

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5 Hair Loss Shampoos that prevent further loss and help grow thicker hair  

It’s important to use a special shampoo that has one or all of the following ingredients: biotin, ketoconazole, caffeine, and saw palmetto once you’ve found thinning in your hair. On the market, there are a staggering number of products, so you can guarantee that you have at least some of these proven ingredients. 

1. Revita Stimulating Shampoo for Hair Growth [5] 

Price: $32, 205mL

Significant ingredients: Caffeine, Vitamin B2, Ketoconazole, Emu Oil, and Biotin Oil

In this shampoo, which excludes dangerous additives, three major hair-reinforcing ingredients are used. It also hydrates and nourishes the scalp, in addition to revitalizing the hair.

2. Lipogain Big 5 All-Natural Shampoo [6]

Price: $25.95, 236mL

Significant ingredients: Biotin, Caffeine, Argan Oil, and Castor Oil 

The effects of this hair loss shampoo are enhanced by natural oils. It comes courtesy of cedarwood and rosemary oils with a slight yet tempting odor. Thanks to its anti-fungal properties, the castor oil in this formulation also combats dandruff. 

3.  Lipogain Big 3 All-Natural Shampoo [7] 

Price: $25, 236mL

Significant ingredients: Biotin, Emu Oil, Castor Oil, Ketoconazole

In addition to improving the hair, the Big 3 All-Natural shampoo from Lipogain proudly advertises the beneficial ingredients that hydrate and moisturize the scalp. For any form of hair, even if you have colored hair, you can use this stuff. Best of all, a full, 90-day refund is available.

4. Alpecin C1 Caffeine Shampoo [8]

Price $10.26, 250mL

Significant ingredients: Caffeine

At the heart of this shampoo, lies the active ingredient caffeine. It acts by blocking a hormone called DHT that is responsible for hair loss. This shampoo coats follicles that are thinning and boosts growth. 

5. Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo [9]

Price: $42.99, 200mL

Significant ingredients: Ketoconazole

This shampoo and its powerful composition (1 percent ketoconazole), which can also cure dandruff and stimulate new growth, is great for treatment for hair loss due to follicle inflammation.

6 Simple Tips for Hair Loss Prevention 

It is important that you really pick up certain routines to preserve your hair, aside from using the proper shampoo. Some of them  are: 

  • Washing and brushing the hair softly with a larger comb. 
  • Avoiding hairstyles such as braids, cornrows, and buns that tug the hair. 
  • Eating a balanced and organic diet, but still taking collagen and vitamin B supplements. 
  • When using iron, dryers, or having perms, do not use too much heat. 
  • Reducing tension with relaxing activities 
  • Picking natural shampoos without toxic and dangerous chemical agents 


There are also options to stop and fight thinning and hair loss, as you can see before it becomes visible. To assess the root cause, you can first speak to a doctor and then work together to come up with a suitable recovery plan. Other than that, try the ideas we’ve shared with you here to use.









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