Incredible Bank Sign-Up Bonuses That You Should Use Right Away!

Banks are still searching for ways to draw new customers though bonuses and expand their business, not counting once-in-a-life crashes like the 2007-8 financial crisis[1]. You could say nothing special, but did you know that this way, you might get quite a few major sign-up bonuses? You will also get coupons on items such as car loans, credit cards, and savings accounts when you open a new checking account, so banks are desperate for your company these days. 

When it comes to online banks that have to contend with brick-and-mortar sites, this is extremely relevant. Banks do this so they don’t have to pay for leases, furnishings, and all the workers that come with the average walk-in bank, by passing the savings to clients. Customer benefits costing hundreds of dollars simply for starting a new account are what this turns into. Read on to find out about three major bank sign-up offers you can’t afford to miss if you’re involved.

Bank Bonuses


An HSBC Premier Checking Account promotional deal is waiting for you on their website if you have not held an account with HSBC bank since Nov 2nd, 2017. How will you be considered for this offer? You need to put a gross deposit of no less than $100,000 and then distribute the amount across your savings and checking accounts from HSBC.

Be swift, however, because after signing up for a premier checking account, you need to do this within 30 days. Another thing to note is that, for 90 calendar days, you can’t let the balance fall below $100,000. But with that out of the way, after another two months, you will obtain $750, which will be deposited into your account. [2] 

Bonus amount: $750


Three separate bank incentives from Citibank are open. You would first have to build a new checking or checking and savings account and then deposit $50,000, $15,000, or $5,000 to get $600, $400, and $200 discounts to take advantage of this bid. For these incentives, the only prerequisite is that you hold the original balance for a duration of at least 30 days. For two months in a row, consumers who want another $100 bonus will have to make a direct deposit to their current Citibank account and earn one check. [3] 

Bonus amount: $600


If you don’t have $5,000 to $100,000 lying around somewhere, much like other people, you’ll probably be interested in the Chase bank sign-up offer. Anyone who opens a Chase Total Checking Account and deposits $25 will earn a hefty $200 payout that’s nothing to sneeze at. In order to apply, there are certain requirements that you need to follow, but they’re nothing out of the ordinary.

First up, within 60 days of signing-up, you have to receive a direct deposit to your current Chase account. Other than that, for no longer than 6 months, new accounts must be used or opened. If all these conditions are fulfilled, after qualifying, you can get $200 within 10 business days.[3] 

Bonus amount: $200

Why Do Banks Give Sign-Up Bonuses?

Why banks have such incentives and discounts is the issue most people want to know. The explanation is a fairly easy one. Banks use those deposits to make more money from different investments as you and several other people deposit funds into their accounts. And as bank rivalry is now more fierce than ever, they are inclined to share more of the profits of which they would otherwise earn a lion’s share. In comparison, it is much more difficult to run a physical company than to run an online banking platform, which is perhaps an explanation of why we see so many strong options to sign up. 

Don’t imagine, though, that it’s just the bigger banks that have these types of incentives – there are still several exclusive deals for smaller banks. That makes it well worth your time to always inquire whether a bank offers a special deal that you might be eligible for, or that goes well with your shopping and banking habits.

Use Your Sign-Up Bonus Today!

If you take the time to do some homework online, the banks and their sign-up offers presented above are just a small percent of what’s available. If you have some patience, along with a device and internet access, you will discover even more even much better bonuses and deals. Find and compare different deals, see which ones you are eligible for, and today find your bank sign-up incentive!


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