The Last Of Us 2 Preview

The Last Of Us 2 is one of Sonys best selling games.

This highly anticipated game has been out for quite a long time now. The initial reviews were very polarizing and the game was praised for its gameplay but scolded for the story and political topics. The developers at Naughty Dog [1] truly made a remarkable game that won’t leave anyone without an opinion. 

The Last of Us 2: Brief Overview

Release Date: June 19, 2020

Consoles: PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5

Sequel to the acclaimed The Last Of Us

The Last of US 2: Marketing

In 2016 during the Playstation experience, the Last Of Us was first shown. The teaser trailer that was published showed a gameplay less scene with Joel and Ellie. 

During The Paris Games Week in 2017, Sony showed off the game again [2]. The trailer depicted warring factions of humans in a darker tone, which set the game as a darker sequel to the first game. 

Later in 2017, at PSX we saw another trailer [3] that revealed Seattle as the game’s primary location. 

Sony of course didn’t stop with the trailers here, at E3 2018 they showed another trailer that focused on the emotional aspect of the game. The gameplay was of Ellie who was in combat with human factions in the game in a stealthy action piece.  

One of the Last trailers before release was on the 2019 State of Play stream where they showed some more action featuring Ellie. 

Last of Us 2: News

the last of us

TV Adaptation

A piece of unexpected but welcome news was HBO’s announcement that they would be developing a TV adaptation of the game [5]. The director of their TV series Chernobyl is at the helm of the new series. Neil Druckmann is taking up the writing role and we can only hope the series will be a great game adaptation. We will have the ability to see more about it in 2021.

European Steelbook

The developers posted on Reddit [6] a photo of the European Steelbook cover. The consumers who bought it have praises on the quality of the packaging and the collector’s items inside of it. 

Mature Content

The game was rated M for mature by the ESRB [7]. The Last of Us 2 has some gruesome scenes of suffering and gore and it’s no wonder at all that such a rating was granted to it. If you are underage or squeamish, this might not be the game for you. 

Interview With Neil Druckmann

On the Playstation Blog[8], Neil Druckmann, the lead writer discussed the game and its ambitions. Naughty Dog tried to reinvent their gameplay and graphics compared to their previous title and they hope the players will take notice. The game squeezes all the power that the PS4 can deliver, and we shouldn’t expect any other improvements for this gen of consoles. 

Improved AI for In-Game Allies

AI is a constant problem for game developers. All devs aim to make it as realistic as possible but it’s easier said than done. The Naughty Dog team managed to create great enemy AI that acts like real people. The enemy factions react to their teammate’s death, wounding, and your action convincingly. Gamespot [9] had a great interview that shed some more light on changes that the AI underwent. 


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