The Most Popular Wellness Trends in 2020

In the next decade, new lifestyle and wellness opportunities that you should try will emerge. We’ll look at some of the leading developments in this article that put you back to nature and reflect on areas of your body that you would otherwise have missed. Here’s what it has in store for 2020. 

Forest Bathing

We assumed that swimwear, bath pillows, and a comfortable warm environment were important when we first learned about forest bathing, but you just need to take your socks and shoes off. This new movement in mindfulness comes from Japan and is referred to as “shinrin-yoky.”[1] This technique is all about soaking in the forest world surrounding you, and it can be as simple as shutting off your phone and taking a barefoot stroll.


Ear Seeding

With origins in ancient Chinese medicine,[2] and a component of auriculotherapy, in the mid-20th century, ear seeding made it’s way west thanks to a French neurologist. This procedure sees the ear as a microsystem that represents the entire human body and small stud-like ear seeds are used to stimulate positive reactions in various parts of the body of an individual. 

Hypnotherapy Massages

Hypnotherapy massages reflect the rising popularity of health and wellbeing treatments that revitalize your mind and body. It is both a physical and mental journey that while inspiring a positive disposition, promises to relax muscles. The rhythm of a voice recording that induces a meditative state is utilized by deep pressure and flowing techniques.

Sound Massages

More and more sound massage therapies are popping up in different wellness centers as time goes by. Professionals place vibrating sound bowls on the body of a person during a session that produces different frequencies intended to reduce stress. This emerging innovation clearly marks a shift and a need for individuals to receive a much more spiritual wellness experience. 

Infrared Saunas

Although conventional saunas won’t go anywhere soon with their many benefits,[3] there is still room for improvement and new technology. For someone with a busy life, infrared saunas are a very convenient and affordable way to relax and detox. The only true difference between a classic and an infrared sauna is that you’re heated from the inside with the latter. The benefits include an increase in the production of collagen and endorphins, in addition to positively influencing sleep patterns.

Wellness With Kegel

What Kegel wellness is all about is keeping the muscles in your pelvic floor tight. However until recently, to see some of the advantages, you had to devote a lot of time. Fortunately, you will now find fitness centers and studios that use High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) equipment that gives you the equivalent of more than 10,000 Kegel workout reps in 30 minutes. 

Manicures That Are Non-Toxic

As conventional manicures appear to be on the way out, an evolution of manicures and nail design is expected to happen in 2020. For pregnant women or people with certain medical problems, the latest and best way of doing manicures is non-toxic and not hazardous. Most of us know all too well the heavy scent of chemicals that reaches you when you reach a nail


Clean Breathing

Inspired by yoga and meditation, we focused on breathing in 2019. For healthier breathing, this movement goes a step forward in 2020, proposing that each of us breathe the best available air, just as we can eat as clean and healthy as we can. When you know the pollution emissions result in 4.3 million deaths annually in our homes,[4] safe breathing immediately makes full sense. 

New Skin Technology That Uses AI

Although many individuals are concerned about the harmful consequences of AI, many famous skincare companies are beginning to come up with ways to preserve your skin by using it. UV exposure, sun, pollen, humidity, and ozone can be measured by a wearable tracker like the My Skin Track UV while you wear it. There are other choices to explore, such as Olay’s Skin Counselor or the TroveSkin app, which both help you to take pictures and diagnose skin problems.

Blue Mind Wellness

With his Ted Talk[5] and book called Blue Mind, Wallace J Nichols recently made a splash, encouraging us to accept our natural world, especially the ocean, in order to live a happier, healthier life overall. You will feel the relaxing advantages of interacting with nature, whether you surf, dive, or just relax on the sand.






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