Live Healthy And Happy Like The Swedes With These Tips

Health is the most important thing. Seventeen years ago, the writer Niki Brantmark got a friend’s invitation to a holiday on the coast of Sweden. As she noted in her book Lagom, it turned out to be the perfect setting to start a love affair with both her Swedish-born husband and the way of life in Sweden. [1] This word “Lagom” means, “just the right amount” and illustrates the way Swedes want to live their lives. The views, smells, and sounds are drawn in, and they aspire for a more peaceful life. We’ll post the six tips from her book below. 


Sweden has a coastline of more than 7,000 miles and hundreds of lakes, so it’s no surprise Swedish people love to go fishing and swimming. The morning dip, though, is something anyone can do, also known as the morgondopp. It is mostly achieved during the months of May and September, in the morning before your coffee. What you have to do is wear a gown to the local pier or deck and stroll down it.

 How long you stay in the pool and temperature are determined by personal preference and these decks and piers tend to have a thermometer nearby that allows people to know how long they can bathe. Niki’s in-laws, for instance, start when the temperature is just above 50 ° F or 10 ° C. 

If you are not that interested in taking a bath in the ocean, a river, or a pool, you can try to finish your morning shower with a few minutes of cool water. A cold shower below 70 ° F improves endorphins and helps boost metabolism, says Health Line. [2] 

Stay as Long As You Want

Brantmark cites a story told by Yvonne, her Swedish neighbor, who went on five-day camping and hiking journey herself. During the night, the sounds emanating from the woods were frightening, but the only thing that truly annoyed her was a local party of campers who played instruments all night long. Her journey had, ultimately, left her feeling inspired and released. And what Yvonne felt was backed up by science. Research by the University of East Anglia[3] shows that, per the data gathered from nearly 300 million individuals, communities exposed to greater levels of green space appear to be in better health. 

Simplify Your Wardrobe


People should simplify their wardrobe more, trim everything down, and take a minimalist approach that is common in Sweden. Using a small amount of flexible, high-quality, and easy-to-mix and match garments. You take the hassle out of deciding what to wear in this way.

The Little Things

The Swedish version of a coffee or tea break is Fika paus. You may use it for a conversation or plan ahead with your colleague to make it more professional. Many of us who have stressful schedules in big cities might feel bad about this little indulgence, but it makes perfect sense to allow yourself a well-deserved break. 

As per a report from the Hankamer School of Business, morning breaks at work reenergize people, provide them with more energy, but also relieve headaches and back pain. [4] But, as more time elapsed between both of them, the beneficial effects of taking a break declined steadily. 

You should still take a break and enjoy some time alone if, as an introvert, small talk kills the energy instead of charging them up. This is what the former HR manager of Niki revealed he would do and suggested that others check it out, too.

Listen to People

Definitely, all of us who had the privilege of interacting with the Swedes have noted how adept they are at listening. Besides that, without having to step in with a reaction, they allow breaks in the discussion. They still retain an even tone, which can be uncomfortable for the average citizen from England or the US. 

Although this way of conversing might not be appropriate at a party where chit chat is essential, it also offers an opportunity for all to engage. The next time you chat, give this a try by calming down and actually listening to what other people are talking to you. Think about what you learned, and then offer a thought-out response.

Share With Others

Lagom’s all-things-in-moderation philosophy should be applied to tiny actions of compassion that are more important than pretty words. Brantmark recalls a friend from Sweden bringing her a meal when her daughter was born and promising that she would not stay but give her a chance to recover. When her leg was broken, another friend with a busy life would come to make her tea every day.



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