The Best Honeymoon Destinations On The Caribbean

It can be overwhelming and challenging to plan a wedding. Yet you get to share your relationship with your partner alone after the wedding is over. Most partners agree that the best part of their wedding was their honeymoon. 

If you are trying to flee to an exotic island with your significant someone, the Caribbean Islands are the best location to go. The coastline and nature are fantastic, and you’ll have an exciting experience for sure. Every island has a wide variety of tourist hotspots, including sporting events, cruises, shopping, etc. The Caribbean islands all have a warm atmosphere, but no matter what time you schedule your honeymoon, it’ll be cool and sunny. That being said, in the wintertime, there are not as many festivals and programs available.

The Caribbean islands have over 7000 individual islands, according to Tripsavvy.[1] All of these islands have an array of scenic scenery and resort areas. Generally, finding the right location for your honeymoon is really hard. Fortunately, we are here to help prepare the dream vacation for you. To discover out more about the greatest honeymoon destinations, continue reading. 


For couples who want to enjoy the glamorous nightlife, Curacao is the ideal spot. The island has a population of 158,000, and the nation’s capital of Willemstad is home to much of the residents. In terms of sightseeing, this city has a lot to offer. You will stroll and admire the stunning architecture and historic sights throughout the area. There are lots of street carnivals and parties during the summer that allow you to explore the culture of the Caribbean.[2] The environment is tropical, so you can enjoy great scenery. Caribbean delights are served in many restaurants.



Barbados is amongst the most luxurious resorts on the islands of the Caribbean. You will enjoy a number of water activities if you are planning to have an active holiday. There are a number of concerts and festivals you can attend as well. On the other hand, you can tour Unesco World Heritage Sites and hear about the history of the island if you want to relax and explore the culture of Barbados.[3] 

The United States Virgin Islands

Consider heading to the Virgin Islands of the United States for your honeymoon if you’re a food lover. There are many lovely resorts and restaurants on the islands. If you are living on a budget, it is a perfect place to explore. You would not require a visa to fly to these beautiful islands if you are a U.S. resident. Their white sandy beaches are the ideal spot for your partner’s romantic getaway.

St. Barthelemy

For people who want to preserve their intimacy and get away from people, this tiny island is a perfect spot. Hotels normally have up to Fifteen rooms, which guarantees you can have plenty of space with your partner to enjoy. There are eight square miles of the whole island, so you can comfortably explore all of the places in a short amount of time. There’s just one gray beach area on Anse de Marigot on the island, and if you’re there, make sure to visit the coconut grove and grab some new tropical fruit. Swimming with Caribbean sea turtles can also be appreciated. And other fish from the tropics. 

The British Virgin Islands

About fifty British Virgin Islands exist. You can conveniently charter a cruise to go island hopping since the islands are very close.[4] There are also dining options offering Caribbean food and lots of beach bars for you to indulge. The perfect honeymoon spot for couples who love frolicking on the sand are these islands.


If you love having fun with your partner in the sun, the Caribbean islands are a perfect destination. These islands have plenty for everyone, whether you love sitting on the beach or watching water sports. To see the lovely underwater life, you can go snorkeling and scuba diving. 

While on every island there are several tour guides, we suggest visiting the islands with your special someone. Surely, it will be an experience that you’ll never forget. But, you can still experience luxurious spa services and poolside bars if you’re the kind who likes to sit in your hotel for most of the journey. You will be able to enjoy gourmet food at a variety of establishments, independent of the island you chose as your honeymoon destination. 

If you properly schedule and book your flight and hotel ahead of time, you will get some nice deals, but flying to a tropical resort on your honeymoon can be a little pricey.





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