Can Coconut Oil Make Your Hair Incredible and Healthy?

Coconut oil is one of the greatest remedies for natural hair. Most people tend to drink the milk or put flakes in sweets however, coconut oil has been used to strengthen hair and scalp skin around the globe in coastal regions for centuries. It is good at it since it is entirely natural and does not contain any additives. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural antifungal agent. This property makes the oil a reliable remedy to dandruff and dry skin. Besides, high-quality coconut oil will help delay grays, naturally improve your hair, and prevent dead splits in your hair. In accordance with WebTM[1], eczema, psoriasis, and lice can be treated with oil. It is also used for moisturizing the scalp, among other purposes. Coconut oil gives your hair and skin the soothing effect that is invaluable when you suffer from acne or zits on your scalp.

Those who are looking for an efficient toner and conditioner to strengthen their hair should try cocoa oil, particularly people who have rough and dry hair that can break. Coconut oil will nourish and revitalize your hair. This is because of the lauric acid – the key component of the oil.  It has a molecular weight that[2] enters into contact with every hair shaft. Better still than other oils, this organic oil retains moisture longer and keeps hair from getting dry. 

Free tip: You just have to rub a little cocoa oil between your fingertips to use as a hairstyle tool. It is easy to use as it melts but it will harden after a while by air exposure.

Is It Properly Tested?

Coconut oil has been used in India by millions of people since childhood. This is considered one of the reasons why they all have thick and healthy hair even when old. In the world, around 40% of women show signs of hair loss in their 40s [3]. This is why cosmetic companies decided to add coconut oil to their products. 

But the best method of nourishing your hair is just plain and simple natural coconut oil. It has a pasty hard consistency, so warm it up with your hands or if you have a big amount of oil, warm it up in a container with hot water.[4]

After washing your hair, put a tablespoon of melted oil into your damp hair, close to your ends. Let ti stay there for as long as you can. But try to leave it for at least an hour. After this treatment, you will see that your hair gains a nice texture and becomes extremely soft and easy to style. 

You can also add virgin olive oil to your coconut oil and strengthen your hair further. The mixture is not set in stone, people found great results with egg yolks, yogurts, daisy leaf juice, and a bunch of other organic compounds. Try them out and see what suits your hair the best!


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