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Let me start by saying that I’m a huge audiophile. By that, I mean that I know my headphones as much as I know the inside of my pocket. I have a vast collection of headphones and I’ve tried every brand out there on the market, from Sennheiser and Audio-Technica to Apple’s AirPods.

So when I review a new brand or try out a pair of headphones I take multiple things into consideration. Sound, design, and value are some of the things I cover when I try out a pair of headphones.

I’m always skeptical when I’m about to try out a new brand cause I’ve used Apple’s AirPods as my daily driver for quite a while now and It’s hard to come close to Apple in terms of quality. I mean, It WAS hard to come close to Apple in terms of quality until recently when I tried out PlayBeatz.

PlayBeatz earbuds have amazed me in every possible way since I’ve first tried them out. From price to quality and durability, I like them so much that it’s safe to say that they are not only as good as, but better than Apple and all the other big brand earphones out there.

I know it’s hard to believe, but bear with me here okay?

When I ordered them I couldn’t imagine myself writing this cause I’m a harsh reviewer, but here I am, praising PlayBeatz like there’s no tomorrow. But there’s a reasoning behind all that.

The biggest problem I find with most earphones is that they don’t fit my ears properly. They’re either too small or too big. Or in some cases, they’re so slippery that I can’t even stand up without or move my head around without them falling out. Luckily that wasn’t the case with PlayBeatz.

When they first arrived in the mail I was awestruck from the get-go by the packaging and the sleek, modern look of the PlayBeatz earbuds.

I took them out of the package; put them in my ear to test the fit and it was love at first sight. Not only were they packed nicely and looked awesome but they felt so nice to touch and just perfectly fit in my ears.

Finally, a pair of earphones that settled in their place when you put them in your ears!

As a guy that knows his headphones and tech, I can safely say that PlayBeatz earphones are not only up to standards, but they raise the bar when it comes to technology. They are packed with some seriously premium stuff and they come at an affordable price.

I’ve been researching for years and haven’t come across a pair of earphones that combines both design and tech like PlayBeatz do. The chip is amazing, materials they’re made from are simply top quality and battery life is extremely long-lasting (we’re talking three to five days here, which is a rarity amongst wireless earbuds).

The package comes with a handy charging case that doesn’t stand out on your desk and that fits in your pocket without you noticing it.

I put my set of PlayBeatz in the charger, got them up and running and connected them to my phone via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth technology these earphones use is simply put: ON POINT. It’s got a huge range of connections and boosts the sound quality by using A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/D11 mode.

So I sit down and went through my playlist, listening to music to hours on end using PlayBeatz.

After playing only a couple of my favorite songs I knew I’ve found gold.

With the first beat and sound that came from them and went into my ears, I knew that I’m onto something amazing here. Not only did PlayBeatz look good, but the moment I’ve played something through them confirmed that they were THE BEST wireless earphones I have ever tried.

First I played some 90s hip hop to test bass and such, and I was blown away. I could hear the bass leading me through the song and the MC was right there with me.

So I tried playing other genres. I tried listening to classical music and jazz and I could hear all the different instruments in the orchestra and bands and depict them clearly.

The sound was flowing through my ears!

I moved on to some more vocal-oriented music and there I was again, awestruck by the incredible quality that I hear coming from vocals. Listening to Billie Holiday was like listening to her sitting next to me and I couldn’t have enough of PlayBeatz since.

After the test at home, it was time to take them out for a test drive as I like to call it. The test was simple: wear them all day long, on the way to work, in the office and on the evening walk. All I can say is that they didn’t fail to impress me once more. They were compatible with both my Android and Apple devices and as well with my laptop. The thing that surprised me was their noise cancelation capabilities.

I could hear the music coming through my ears in the crowded streets; I didn’t hear cars and people passing by and most importantly I didn’t get disturbed by anyone in the office. The noise cancellation coming from PlayBeatz was simply insane. And did I mention that unlike AirPods and every other wireless earphone models I’ve tried so far, PlayBeatz stayed on all day long! They didn’t slip out one single time!

Afterward, I decided to check out the sound quality during calls. I called my wife at home and she could hear me and I could hear her perfectly. We were both nicely surprised cause she knows that I always nag about my earphones.

You’re probably asking yourself now “But what about the battery?” Well, the battery lasted all the way home and didn’t die for three more days. When it was time to charge them up I had completely forgotten that they actually needed charging.

It’s been a while since I first tried them on and I can say that after a few months of heavy usage they’re still standing strong. For durability, they get a 10/10 in my book. I haven’t touched my AirPods since buying PlayBeatz and the company can only get praise from me.

This is one of those reviews that keeps getting better and better and doesn’t stop until the end.

To summarize:

PlayBeatz are a pair of ultra-durable, wireless earphones that not only offer great sound and comfort but they have an extremely long-lasting battery. If you’re trying to find a negative side to buying them, there isn’t one. I’ve examined every part of them and wasn’t able to find a con. It’s funny that this pair of earphones cost way less than Apple’s pair and offers not as much but even more than them.

I’d say that you should buy a pair and try them out for yourself if you are someone who likes quality gadgets and wants a good audio experience with his earphones you should definitely go for it. The company is offering a variety of deals and you also get a %50 off for the first pair of PlayBeatz you buy. If they don’t suit you, you can get a refund within thirty days, but I can bet my collection of headphones that won’t be the case.

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